Aluminary Award

In 1985, the Aluminum Association of Florida established the “Aluminary Award.” It is presented to a person who has demonstrated an outstanding and continuous effort to promote the industry and the AAF, and someone who has sacrificed personal and business time for the Association. Length of service, service in more than one area, all around knowledge, and availability to those seeking assistance, are all considered.

1985 Dennis & Jacqueline Henegar
1986 Thomas Tafelski
1987 Edward Bell
1989 Jacqueline Henegar
1990 Bill Shorrock
1991 Fred Oppenheimer
1992 Chuck Dekker
1993 Clarence Loflin
1994 David Miller
1995 Jack Johnson
1996 Herb Reberger
1997 Allen Lindsey
1998 John DeCosmo
1999 Scott Myers
2001 Joe Alvarez
2002 Tim O’Connor
2003 Jim Blackshear
2004 Steve Buzzella
2007 Joe Belcher
2008 Frank Storms
2010 Richard Moore
2015 David Johns
2021 Tom Dowd