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Karrer outside w pondThe Aluminum Association of Florida is the only organization of its kind in the state. We track legislation, regulations, and other government actions that could affect the aluminum industry. In addition to many other benefits, our members also have access to money-saving discount programs on such critical business expenses as Workers Compensation insurance.

In other words, membership doesn’t cost, it pays!

All new members, regardless of category must meet qualifications, complete a membership application and pay annual dues. They are subject to confirmation by the Association’s Board of Directors. Building Officials, Plans Examiners, etc. may join AAF as Government Members without charge.

Membership Categories:

Contractor (voting member): To qualify as a contractor member, the candidate must be a contractor member of a chapter, duly licensed to practice contracting within his/her jurisdiction, or be qualified by another license holder from the same company, and meet all other requirements established by the AAF Board of Directors. The candidate must apply for and maintain membership within the chapter having jurisdiction over the city or county in which his/her home office is registered according to state and county licensing authorities. If qualified by another license holder from the same company, the candidate must be an owner or manager of a home improvement company, and a notarized letter attesting to the qualifications must accompany the application and be renewed each year. Only one person from the qualifier’s company may be a voting member in any one chapter.  If you select the “Direct Member” status, you must reside and do business in an area that is not currently served by an existing AAF Chapter. Direct Members are entitled to attend all association events, including board meetings. State dues are $400.00.  Each local AAF chapter has different membership dues which are listed on the membership application.

UMDA State Alliance (Supplier) (may participate in UMDA votes): To qualify as an UMDA state alliance (supplier) member, the candidate must be a company that manufactures, distributes, or sells products or services to or for the aluminum industry, and must meet any and all requirements established by the alliance that would not be in conflict with the state bylaws. Dues are $400 (for companies with 25 or less employees) or $800 (for companies with 26 or more employees).

Professional Member (non voting member): A professional member must be a professionally licensed individual or entity (under Florida Statutes) who performs professional services for the construction contracting industry, excluding contractors and building department employees.  This category includes Engineers and Architects.  Dues are $300 per year.

(Additional membership categories can be found on the membership application.)

Membership in the Aluminum Association of Florida provides the following benefits:

  1. Professional Status
  2. Greater Public Recognition
  3. Respect From Government Agencies
  4. A Participant in The Lawmaking Process Which Dictates To Your Business And Industry
  5. First Hand Information & Knowledge of Aluminum Standards And Codes As Developed By The Association
  6. Job Problem Solving With Other Association Members
  7. Idea Sharing With Peers
  8. Fraternity, Unity & Support For Common Causes In The Industry
  9. Camaraderie & Fellowship Among Members
  10. Educational Training & Development Programs
  11. Quarterly Newsletter For The Membership And Quarterly Magazine For The Industry
  12. Membership Meetings, Workshops, Programs
  13. Continuing Education Approved By The State

Download an application here.