Membership Classifications

Contractor Member
Any individual licensed to perform aluminum work. They may become a member of a specific AAF Chapter depending on their location or they may become a Direct Member of the Association on a Direct Member status.

Local Supplier Member
An owner or representative of a company supplying products and/or services and who is marketing in a restricted AAF chapter area.

State Supplier Member
A company or representative supplying products and/or services to the industry. State Supplier Members are voting members of the State Supplier’s Council. The Company’s representatives are Honorary Members of all local chapters.

Professional Member
A Professional Member must be a professionally licensed individual or entity (under Florida Statutes) who performs professional services for the construction contracting industry, excluding contractors and building department employees.  This category includes Engineers and Architects.

Associate Member
An Associate Member is a person or entity who furnishes goods not for resale, or services to the construction contracting industry.

Government Member
To qualify as a Government Member, the candidate must be an employee or representative of a county or state building department and be involved in the aluminum construction.